Raised in an array of different cultures, and having lived in and traveled to so many extremities of the world at my young age, has made me what I like to call, a “citizen of the world”. I am open to our differences, and constantly curious to find out what it is like for all of us out there. 

I am a young marketing professional in search of a job opportunity that will enhance my marketing capabilities. (Boring! Thats what they teach you to say in school when faced with a professional opportunity, which this might be, but probably not)

I am a free lancer! (Thats code for unemployed and taking all the small opportunities I can find)

I have helped several small businesses in the USA and Latin America jump into the internet game, as well as better their branding and adopt more marketing strategies to further enhance their profits. (When I say several businesses I mean the few friends and family members, and occasional contacts helping ME out.)

I am a Patemalian or a Gualestalian. Or whatever you call a kid born and raised in Guatemala to a Palestinian father and Italian mother. Isn’t it funny when you go back home after school and it seems nothing like the world outside, the world you socialize and try to fit into? All the kids born to immigrant parents know exactly what I am talking about!

Have lived in Guatemala City, Guatemala, Amman, Jordan, and most recently Miami, FL, USA. All different, all crazy, all beautiful and all having left small traces in my behavior, accent, pallet and soul. 

I am a talker, and way to often find myself with no one to listen to me (I guess I annoyed them all), and this is why I have started a blog. I have a lot to say, and feel some of it might be interesting or funny or stupid, but probably just entertaining since I always find a way to embarrass myself.  

Tarek Turjuman

  1. awww Tarek I’ll always listen to you ramble even though you talk too much 🙂 I heart you, you young professional!

  2. hahahah now his rambling has found a creative way of getting our attentions!!! right hema?!

  3. Tarek I love talking to you, or rather what you want to hear; I love listening to you! really, I do!! 😉 Oh, I miss you so much!! remember those crazy loooong “happy hours” we used to take! … “Just one more drink”, “only until midnight” lol, …right!
    Again, love your blog, love the approach, love the topics, love the tone and most of all, love you!!
    PS: I’m gonna send it to the AMA, along with some friends of mine.

  4. The best information i have found exactly here. Keep going Thank you

  5. Pretty cool post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say
    that I have really liked reading your blog posts. Anyway
    I’ll be subscribing to your blog and I hope you post again soon!

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