Miami! So beautiful, so much fun, but where is the MONEY?

In Where should I live? on May 25, 2009 at 5:55 PM

The following writing style might not make sense or follow the commonly accepted style of writing and communication, you might get confused and want to pull your hair out. I don’t intend to offend, inspire, or sell anything. I am just typing!

I found this not to long ago:


And while it is a little dated, it seems to still run true today.

Miami’s industry is too limited and, for there is no better word to describe it, POOR! There is no money here. I heard once that Miami is the biggest poor city in the United States. Don’t know if this is true, but I believe it. For so much hype its created around the world for its GLAMOUR, this is truley the least glamourous city in the world. You don’t come to Miami to make money, you come here with money to spend. So what is it like for the millions of us trying to make a living in this concrete, over p0pulated, jungle? It has always been and will always be a struggle. Because of Miami’s direct dependence on Latin America, it is continouslly suffering economically, for Latin American economics are very unstable. Miami depends on banking, real estate and tourism, and all these idustries suffered monumentally during this recession. So what to do? Leave Miami? Maybe not to soon, its to much fun. That is exactly the problem here; we all have to much fun, and really are not investing the time and the money where we should be.

People in Miami need to get their spending priorities in check. Remember, 6 dirty martinis at Mansion are not an investment, and just because you can use your credit to take out a Hummer from the dealership doesn’t mean you should.

Cities like Houston are not doing to bad, and a lot of people have moved there in search of opportunities. Texas has oil! We, we have cocktails!

  1. I think you are absolutely right when you say that the economy is doing bad but the question here is how can you benefit from it, of course if you are looking for a job good luck there are millions of people trying to do the same thing everyday. My suggestion is and this is only my personal opinion, you are a really smart guy going to school or already graduated. I am pretty sure you can come up with a business plan and put it to work and become part of the people like me that are making money in this tough economy. This is a good tip one of my mentors told me about a year ago stop focusing on what you don’t have, focus in what you have and make the best out of it. Let me know if there is anything i can help you with I am always looking for more consultants at my business http://www.finivcredit.com

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