Unemployed! Did I just waist four years in school

In Young unemployed professional on May 20, 2009 at 10:53 PM

WARNING: The following writing style might not make sense or follow the commonly accepted style of writing and communication, you might get confused and want to pull your hair out. I don’t intend to offend, inspire, or sell anything. I am just typing!

Someone, I don’t know who, once said something like, “The three best investments are travel, education, and real estate”. Ok, I get it, travel makes you smarter and more worldly, and fulfills you emotionally. Real estate, although not necessarily in the current market, is always reliable. But education?

I know, I know, my education has been monumental, it has changed me for the better, and allowed me to develop skills and an all around understanding I would not have had otherwise. But I am mad, so please allow me to be negative and bash my degree. 

Yes I know, a college degree does not ensure a job or necessarily prepare you to make any money. Going to college is more about the experience, (experience here is code for drinking). But why then do we find  so many posters, ads on TV and the radio, brochures and even professors in classes all promoting education as a means to find a better job and in doing so make more money. Why do they get us to pay absurd amounts in tuition by promising us a financial gain in the future? All these marketers trying to tap into our emotional need to be successful and RICH.

Has anyone seen the ITT Tech ads on TV? Or receive endless emails promoting MBA programs? Have you gotten the one that compares the bank account of an MBA graduate and that of a non graduate?

I am sick of it, the only thing I have gotten out of my degree is an excuse I use every time someone asks me what I have been doing with my life for the past few years. I want my money back! Miley Cyrus hasn’t even finished high school, will be a billionaire soon, and she didn’t have to spend long nights trying to memorize the accounting and taxation process of stock sales and gains in the European continent. 

Bill Gates is a college drop out, Madonna is a college drop out, and several family friends and members of mine, whom are “well of” or fianancially successful, didn’t even finish high school. I feel like if I would have started trying to make money instead of having gone to college I would be rich, or stable, or on the path to success.

All my friends with good jobs and businesses are either not in school or, yes you guessed it, drop outs! They didn’t waist four years and thousands of dollars. They understood the concept of “climbing the corporate ladder”. They are experts in their fields now, and most importantly they are irreplaceable, for they have become integral parts of the compnaies they work for or run.

I have been to at least fifteen interviews since I graduated, and most have ended by the interviewer stating that while I have a great resume, I just don’t have the necessary experience. Apparently all those internships I did instead of going home for the summer, or drinking in honor of my mear existence with my firends, yes my friends with jobs, didn’t pay off. Of course I don’t have the experience, just like you, no one will give it to me. And no I don’t have the experience, because every company is an experience of its own, and this I have learned through experience.

Where do you expect me to start? Most corporate types will respond by listing a series of jobs my college professor once listed after a student asked for examples of jobs one could skip in corporate America by obtaining a college degree. Ah how ironic!

The second worst answer you can get as a college graduate after an interview is, “We don’t want some one with a degree, we just don’t want to pay that kind of salary.” What kind of salary? The $25,000 dollars a year that are suppose to cover my rent, car, food, gas, and maybe even a few dollars I can place in a savings account with a pathetic interest rate and monthly maintenance fee, so that when you decide the only way for the company to save money is by firing me, I wont starve. Yes, that is the salary they are talking about.

I guess my point is, educational institutions and corporations, seem to have no communication what so ever. Although some state they do, and some seem to, and some might even bridge you to the other, they have no idea what the other is saying or looking for.

Or maybe my point is that education might not be for everyone. Was it for me? I always wanted an education. I am a serial learner, will probably get my Graduate degree too. Or maybe I should stop learning in a class room and learn the way my father did, experience. I want to pick brains, I want to build the bridge between my degree and the real world. I want to become an adult.

School is cool, we all know that. It takes dedication, focus, ambition, and great friends whom share their notes and sign the attendance sheet for you when you don’t feel like going to class. Again I am just mad.

I find it funny when people tell you that college doesn’t make you money, or set you up with a stable job. I find it funny because its true, but you hear it the minute you graduate, and the people saying this are recent college graduates that learned it the hard way.

Is it the recession? Is it my personality? My strategy? All I know is I’ll keep looking and interviewing and trying to use my degree to get me places. Why? Because I am a college graduate, and my degree is all I have.

  1. Tarek maybe you should have studied journalism cause your blog is awesome!!! You wrote it like it is!!! Keep on interviewing right?

  2. Cool Blog! Many of the things you cover I think about on a daily basis. Keep blogging and you may have found a new opportunity.

  3. Dude!!
    We fell for it!! What might be the one of the biggest marketing schemes EVER!
    How could we not have known that school is just any other product of a company trying to “market” themselves…
    We get it drilled from a young age that we must go to school to get a “better” job and bla bla…I
    WAS MAKING ALOT MORE MONEY WHILE I WAS IN SCHOOL than now, withouth degree!!
    But hang in there, and keep on letting it out haha!
    Best of luck…and lets get more “experience”! LoL

  4. So right Ruben, I was making $25 an hour before I left that job to concentrate on my degree.

    You know how much money I could have saved between my great wage and not spending on tuition and books!

    I hate my life!

  5. I think you have found yourself your own cover letter. Maybe you should add this blog to your resume, since like a great idea to market yourself! love uuuuuuuuuu

  6. Tarek,
    You have in awww with this new hobbie of yours!! I think this might be THE way to find you that job you want and create some buzz out there about yourself!
    Great topics, like most I totally relate! Keep writing and marketing yourself!! 😉
    Un besote!!!
    Miss you man!!

  7. Hay Tarek,
    you are so right..that most succesful people are just Drop Outs or didn’t even finish their college degree. hell..even the former president of my country didn’t finish her degree. and she once ruled the country! how cool is that! i spent 6 years for my degree and am still talking ‘bla bla bla’ everytime i went to interview. it’s boring to prove how ‘educated’ we are to those HR. and all that really matter these days is just to show who you really are. and believe me..most HR don’t wanna see who we really are!

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