Me! A confused and ambitious young professional. Anyone out there feel this way?

In Young unemployed professional on May 20, 2009 at 7:17 PM

The last few months have left me with plenty of thoughts regarding my current circumstance, and in an effort to find my way through this complicated world, I have decided to start a blog.

This blog is about the struggling young professional and the trials and tribulations that effect him/ her everyday. I am confident that there are several of us out there eager for answers and support. 

Who is a young professional? Recent college graduates? Graduate students? The hard working 18 to 30 year olds that are bombarded with ideas, opportunities, lack of opportunities, closed and open doors, and the continuous thought that their is something better out there, that we are not producing enough, that we are not helping anyone in the world, that we are not making a difference, that we are not good enough?

Anyone can be a struggling young professional, not necessarily 18- 33 year olds; I don’t like setting boundaries and imposing limits.

Being a young professional is a state of mind. Being a young professional is the feeling of confusion, anxiousness, and ambition we all feel when we are about to embark on our professional journey or a new professional venture. What I guess I am trying to say is anyone is welcome to write comments on this blog, I look forward to it, I hope the comments help me better my blogging capabilities and challenge me.

This is my first blog, so don’t judge please. Instead help me out. Let me know if my grammar is atrocious, if my topics are boring or if my writing style is pathetic. Remember I am a young professional and I need all the help I can get.

What do you think defines a young professional? 


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  2. Hay Tarek,
    in my country (or in my opinion)…being young professional is just another stupid label that everybody’s dreaming of. i personally hate it, because every young people (under 40, or older than 40, but feels like they’re still 30!) walking with head high, dandy shirt, tie with clean cut trouser, and holding their blackberry (and all they do with the Blackberry is just up-datiing their Facebook’s status!) seem to think that they’re soooo professional! yeah rite..!
    i believe that we are professional in our own way! so..fill me out here..what makes you think that you are a young professional?
    ps: great first blog from you 🙂 cheers..!

  3. I think a professional is how you act. I some using definitions, it’s the opposite of an amateur. A professional is confident, is employable, gets things done and is ambitious.

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